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“Thank you to the entire team at Brainz Magazine for a wonderful interview and article, published on International Women's Day 2023! What an honour!”-- Meera

As a therapist breaking new ground with her world-renowned treatment protocol for Bipolar Disorder, published author, and founder of Environmental Stress-Targeted Therapy, Meera Duncan inspires each of us to search for our own personal true calling in life. 


The Healing Benefits of Hypnotherapy, with guest Meera Duncan

My guest is Meera Duncan, Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist. Owner of 3rd Eye Hypnotherapy. In this episode, we discus hypnotherapy, how hypnosis effects our everyday lives, and how parents and kids can benefit from its applications.

Meera's Hypnotherapy Journey and the Foundation of Environmental Stress-Targeted Therapy

Join our UPCOMING Twenty eighth (28) episode featuring Meera Duncan Author & Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist in a SPECIAL INTERVIEW. “Making a Difference in Mental Health Show”

Meera will help us to understand her own hypnotherapy journey as well as her ground-breaking work on Environmental Stress-Targeted Therapy.

She has depth of knowledge to share with us.


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Passion vista

“Thank you to the entire team at the magazine for your wonderful work and choosing to include me! As a Therapist I am so passionate about my research and work, and so grateful for any visibility that shines a light upon it!”" - Meera

Meera is honoured to be featured as one of the “Women Leaders to Look up to in 2022”

Due to her research and work for International Women’s Day collectors edition, Passion Vista Magazine.